Who are we?

We are Mo’an. A Saudi-based NGO representing the grocery industry including hypermarkets, supermarkets, medium-sized and small grocery and convenience stores. Mo’an empowers the ecosystem of this important industry to enable its transformation and the elevation of current standards and practices.

Empower, Connect, Transform

What is our mission?

Mo’an is keen on developing programs and initiatives that serve the interest of this vital sector and on building a common ground that brings together the goals of the public and private sectors to develop and implement programs and initiatives that serve the interest of the grocery sector and the Saudi Vision 2030. We do this through building equal sustainable partnerships between the private and public sectors to enhance the economic growth of both sectors in an innovative and effective way by organizing their efforts to cater to the sector’s growth and to align its goals with Vision 2030.

We aspire to transform and reimagine the grocery sector in Saudi Arabia and bring Mo’an’s invocative solutions’ impact to the Kingdom and around the world.

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Why are we initiating this?

We believe that the communities who are conducting change on the ground and ecosystems should be unified by an inspiring vision that has the power to join forces together to generate untapped opportunities. We provide tech and financial solutions, upskilling and training programs, information and knowledge sharing, and an opportunity to be part of a bigger community to get inspired from and interact with.

Are you ready to take the grocery sector into the future and upgrade your store?

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Are you going to franchise?

Looking for a new route on running your grocery store? Mo’an’s founding companies are providing several franchising options for you to be part of the growing and developing grocery industry. Discover more on their franchising models by visiting their websites:

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Learn about the latest standards

Stay up to date and learn more about the latest standards on the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs’ Framework for grocery stores. Once you access their site, you’ll find multiple resources to help you better understand and prepare your store based on the new framework and standards.

With an online cost calculator, information on the items needed to upgrade, and several other guides, transforming your store is only one click away.


Vendor directory

To help you upgrade your grocery store, we have created a directory with vendors from across the Kingdom to offer the items you need to be up to standard with promotional prices!

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