Who are we?

The Grocery Association "Mo’an" is a Saudi association established to serve as an umbrella for the grocery sector, which includes hypermarkets and supermarkets, as well as medium-sized and small grocery stores.

Mo’an aims to empower this vital sector by enhancing its transformation and raising the level of its standards and services.

Empower, Connect, Transform

Mo’an: Empower, Connect, Transform

Mo’an works by building equal and sustainable partnerships between the private and public sectors to promote the economic growth of sectors. Through our innovation, we align the efforts of the grocery sector to make progress towards unified goals in the public sector.

We seek to support the transformation and development of the sector, especially small, micro, and medium enterprises, and set trajectory for the future.

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Why did we establish Mo’an?

We believe in leading change and know that we must be united by a promising vision that has the ability to activate initiatives and empower individuals and institutions.

The association seeks to achieve its goals of developing the grocery supply sector in the Kingdom by providing a range of services to its clients in several areas, including improving legislation, developing the sector to comply with international standards, developing the knowledge of talents working in the sector, in addition to building partnerships.

Our strategic objectives:

Represent the sector and strive to improve the legislative and investment climate.

Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship in the sector. Encouraging the localization of jobs in the sector.

Qualifying and training Saudis to work and own groceries stores.

Improve your store

Upgrading your store is just a few steps away! Start now! 

Familiarize yourself with the latest requirements
Keep members of the association informed of the latest developments related to the various legislations is one of our most important goals.
Find out the details of the regulations for groceries, supplies and supermarkets issued by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs on the ministry's website

We have provided many resources to help you learn in detail about these requirements and the approximate cost of developing your store through the electronic calculator and other features.

Register now to become part of the Mo’an community and get the privileges that we offer to our customers.

Become a franchise

We believe that innovative ways to manage groceries stores greatly contribute to the development of the sector. Mo’an provides several options in the field of commercial franchise to offer to our customers. Learn about our available programs. For more details, please send us an email on the following link:


Learn about the latest standards

Stay up to date and learn more about the latest standards on the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs’ Framework for grocery stores. Once you access their site, you’ll find multiple resources to help you better understand and prepare your store based on the new framework and standards.

With an online cost calculator, information on the items needed to upgrade, and several other guides, transforming your store is only one click away.


Vendor Directory

Mo’an works with all players in the grocery supply sector. To enable you to easily develop your store, we have provided a list of suppliers of the most important items in the Kingdom with the new municipal requirements and at competitive prices.

By becoming a member of our community, you will enjoy all these offers and services.

Member testimonial

The journey towards success

is an endless journey, and the secret to this success is to stay focused on the goal. Since we’ve partnered with Mo’an, we are always striving to achieve a clear vision and a specific goal in which we serve the interest of the retail sector for it to grow economically and in an innovative way. We encourage all those interested in the grocery sector to register and become a member of Mo’an, so they can benefit from the programs and integrated solutions provided for this field.”

- Mr. Fouad Redha

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